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Friends Express: The Ajari!!

Wooo here we meet at my humor class again! Enough with the love thing now; I’ll leave that decision to her. So let me introduce you to my 2nd buddy Mr. Ajari ….oohh sorry! (No offence dude!!).
His profile’s as follows.
Name: Ajari Akash!
Address: Come on girls facebook will help you in this!!
Mobile no. : Not necessary! (Ask him while chatting!!)
College: Raisoni’s tapari. (G. H. Raisoni college of engineering, Nagpur)

Site: (Never follow this site, why? explained bellow!!)
Branch: Let’s imagine: The fictitious ETC (They never see any electron moving, just CRO gives a line output and they are happy with it!!!)
Personal doctor (Ohm yes he loves to keep one!!): Previous: Dr. Mathurkar; Current: Dr. Phatak (Ayurvedic)
Unproductive membership: Golden card awarded!! Lifetime membership!!
Hushhhhh so much for visiting him, let’s talk about his qualities. Firstly he does not have a girl friend. He is in ETC branch (The branch is full of girls, of course Fadu beautif…
ऐसे जीने का मजा क्या है, कोई साथ नहीं जीने के  लिए, इस्से और बड़ी सजा क्या है??? जो जीना है इस जिंदगी को अकेले ही, तो फिर अब जीना बचा क्या है???
ख्वाहिश हमारे सपनो की, झटके में कुबूल हुई इसमें दुआ क्या है?? हम बेतहाशा मोहोब्बत करते रहे/, फिर भी वो हमें न मिले, तो फिर उनमे खुदा क्या है???

इतने तनहा भी न थे कभी, न कभी जीने की वजह सोची थी, शराब का सहारा फिर भी न लिया, अब तो ये तनहाई ही एक नशा सा है....!!

बेवफाई तो दुनिया का दस्तूर सा है, दुनिया ने तो हमें कबका पराया कर दिया, खुद सभी प्यार कैसे करें? ये दिल अब हमसेही रूठा सा है..!!
हम तो एक अनाड़ी थे खेल के, सिर्फ आप थे हमारी मंजिल, पर हार-जित न हुई तो वो खेल क्या है??? और जो अजीब न हुई वो दास्तां क्या है???
आपके लिए तो हम ताउम्र रुक जाते, इंतहान उस इंतजार की दे जाते, क्यूंकि जो बेचैनी न हो वो इन्तजार क्या है??? जिसमे दिल न टूटे वो प्यार क्या है….!!!!

A thread called love!!!

I am a bit changed!! I was wrong, wrong about her, wrong about myself! I thought I can be angry with her, fake….so fake, I can’t even imagine happiness without her; and I cannot be angry with my happiness! She didn’t ignore me; she was with me all the time just like the light and wind. They are far disparate from each other, busy doing their work but always together.
She was hurt by me, she had severe cold that day when she read it; my post earlier, she was inapt to speak properly yet she called me. She sounded so sweet, her voice solaced my soul. I felt like standing on edge of earth in pure, cold and fresh zephyr touching and passing by. She felt for me, a sudden surge of feelings. She messaged me sorry, she was sorry if she has hurt me! Kindness a greatest queenly attribute she possessed. Before posting that article I thought many times, my mind was in quandary to post it. But I did at last, it was time. I wanted her views; her feelings about me. I was sure she won’t like my post.

Valentine day special!!

I don't know why wrote such a childish poem, it does not even rhyme well sometimes but your feelings are such which you can't hide. I am missing her on this very special day. But i imagined a happy end of our story and imagined how life will change a year after year......this time please bear it with me people!!! (and i know the poem's childish, but this is what i felt today!!!)

You are the one, The one n only one, One love of my life, The story I’ve spun!!!
Two & only two, We n only us, Want to be together, Itnahi, aur kya bus!!!
Three n only three, With you only you, I wanna grow, My family tree!!!
Four n only four We two n our, Two kids for sure!!
Five & it’s almost five, We are busy in our lives, Still I’ll love you so much, Will take you on a drive,

Six n only six It was your b’day & I didn’t greet, You are upset, & I am the only one Who can fix!!
Seven n only seven, We are together N also even, And you are with me, What’s the need of heaven!!!
Eight i…

The ROSE that found it’s lost aroma!!

I want her to be mine; I want my love sealed for her for eternity. But it seems to be fading away; in these 10 years, I defined her as my life, my inspiration, she was the best I can have. I was spellbound by her charm. But it seems to fade away, it’s like an old rose kept as a bookmark that has lost its aroma! After all these years, when I open my diary and look at the rose, I see only crumbled petals of my love for her, the love is still around but it has lost its talisman. She did not even recognize me in all this time. I am just another guy for her in her life, but she is the only girl in my life.
I remember we met some weeks before; she was there with her friends. I didn’t know she was there. I tried to avoid her, I didn’t want my friends to make fun of me or didn’t even want to hear their comments, it peeved me. Still we went there. I know she noticed me, but ignored purposefully. Really don’t know why she does that every time we see each other by chance. That made me angry. B…

Review of Sorry Baby... I can't love you anymore - A novel by Abhishek Leela Pandey

Smoking, bewildered and abashed Anush, Drinking yet cognizant for his best friend Anush: Rahul, melodramatic Divya and Swindler Minakshi will take you through a great roller coaster ride of love, life and back! Saying it a book will curtail the writer’s creativity. It can be best depicted as portraiture of an art called writing a book.  A good read, and must read for the youth today. As the dynamism of the character Anush who wins over tumult going within him; will inbreathe you to fight and face the oppressive situations in your life. Lucid chum Rahul precepts the paradigm and redefines the limits of best friend! Altruistic Divya teaches one how to love your loved ones! Bewitching Minakshi warns you of the ruses you are unaware of! The author is a new elegant and originative writer; he put the incidents and has yarn such a zealous web of story around all the characters. He also can be framed as poet; as the poems inscribed in the book are multitudinous or rather extraordinarily singu…


Hmmm…. So this time I was excited to write about something serious. But I gave it another thought and dropped the idea. Yaaar I am just 20 and writing serious naaaaaa….Girls will call me uncle (though they comport themselves as aunties all the time!!)
I was really in quandary what to write about. Just then he called; my best friend. I never wrote about him. Was muddled and conscious or say bewildered about this exemplary Indian mentality. A boy writing for a boy! How will people opine to this? But now after 4 years I realized though we belong to different families. We are brothers not in blood but at heart. And best part we are friends! He won’t mind!  
When I joined college I needed petrol partner my aunt bestowed me with him. You’ll surely come to know why I wrote “bestowed”. I didn’t know back then, my Petrol partnership will turn into fraternity. He is much different from me, still we are same. And as long time has passed now, we know each other well. We know exact reactions of e…

FRIENDS EXPRESS!!! (Fueled and wheeled by brotherhood!)

Hello friends, thank you for your support to my blog QUEER FISH! Inspired by you all and my unproductive group, I am starting a new series FRIENDS EXPRESS (Fueled and wheeled by brotherhood!). This series will be redefining my friends’ personalities and them from my point of view in this first season. You will enjoy reading my experiments with them and they are not of truth certainly! Best part of the series they don’t know they are the actors and I am the director. So work with me and enjoy reading…Thank you again for your support readers!!