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Valentine day special!!

I don't know why wrote such a childish poem, it does not even rhyme well sometimes but your feelings are such which you can't hide. I am missing her on this very special day. But i imagined a happy end of our story and imagined how life will change a year after year......this time please bear it with me people!!! (and i know the poem's childish, but this is what i felt today!!!)

You are the one,
The one n only one,
One love of my life,
The story I’ve spun!!!

Two & only two,
We n only us,
Want to be together,
Itnahi, aur kya bus!!!

Three n only three,
With you only you,
I wanna grow,
My family tree!!!

Four n only four
We two n our,
Two kids for sure!!

Five & it’s almost five,
We are busy in our lives,
Still I’ll love you so much,
Will take you on a drive,

Six n only six
It was your b’day
& I didn’t greet,
You are upset,
& I am the only one
Who can fix!!

Seven n only seven,
We are together
N also even,
And you are with me,
What’s the need of heaven!!!

Eight it’s now eight,
Our kids are 4 & you are earning well
I got a promotion too,
& our life’s going great!!

Nine it’ll be nine,
This date will repeat itself,
After years nine
Still the question will be same
But you’ll say yes..
Will you be my valentine???

Ten it’s now ten
We’re still young, but
If I add once more ten,
We will be growing old &
Our backs would feel pain
Don’t worry dear,
I’ll take a leave, may be short one
But will love you
The same even then!!!!!


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