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y u no snd me a msg.!!!!

Boy: hi.!

Girl: hieeeeee.!

Boy: how r u...

Girl: f9 …

Boy: wats goin on..??

Girl: nthin…!!

Boy: R u busy?? Am I disturbin u??

Girl: no, jus out with mom.!!

Boy: Ok then talk to u later, bye bye, tc, keep in touch..!

Girl: bye bye…!!

Even if we ignored the so many full stops after every few words, the talk is senseless. Still it goes on and on once started. After giving a hit-n-trial hi to every girl’s phone number in your phonebook few will reply and one will continue the legacy of messaging. Then once started its unwritten rule to care for her health or you’ll sound so rude. After this sharing of health problems the topic shifts to what she is doing now, and he then forgets about any work he has to do besides staring at his cell like it’s Pamela .!! Ready to capture as it spreads     light!!!!

If she replies she’s busy! Then without any hesitation or any feeling of shame he’ll say ‘sorry we’ll talk later’ and returns to phonebook and starts hit-n-trial again!!  After this all starts our messaging legacy. They just get filled with attitude when you simply send a hi to them then sharing interests and sharing n sharing n meeting then again sharing. This sharing is mystery too!!! If this starts from your side then u ask for priceless things of hers and if this starts from their side then your whole pocket money is shared with CCDs , Café cabana, frozen delights and every other hotel in your city!

I experienced a salient feature of girls when I get stuck on a signal. If a girl is waiting on a signal and you try to take glimpse of her she will never turn to you! But if you can suppress your boi(Y)lee  things somewhat n wait I guarantee you she will try to look who’s that boy?????? About their salient features I just don’t wanna go deeeeep..!! I had a girlfriend who used to have a boyfriend in her late 19s. Our relationship lasted almost for say 4-5 months and all we ever talked about were the ways how she can get back her true love. But after every other day she messaged me JAANU..!! U love me no…!! U’ll not do like him na JAANU…!! And suddenly it was that black Friday of my life my first relationship came to an end (never tried to be in second one yet!!)

Me: hey swthrt Goooodd moooooooorninggggggggg.!!

She: GM

Me: wat happened darling ?? smthin wrong?? U sound so dry?

She: hmm

Me : tell na .. acha chalo we’ll preetis corner.!

(Though I had desires for her, I never underestimated my hunger…!!)

She: JAANU, I can never meet u again.!

Me: kya hua????? Are naraj ho kya ??? muzse koi galati ho gayi kya???? Please don’t do this to me .!! are ham milte hai na….we’ll shop today..we’ll go on ride..!! come please.!

She: sorry! I can’t.

Me: swthrt please talk to me .!

Me: hey talk to me dear. We’ll sort it out.!

Me: sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
                sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry.!!

Me: sorry koi bhul ho gayi kya.!
You can imagine the next scene!
After almost 15 days when I went to preetis corner again! I saw her sitting under a tree messaging someone. I peeped and she was messaging to her ex when I was current! But now I was her ex and he is her current!
All I managed to see after peeping was his reply to her

Her EX: sorry ………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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