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It’s been a while we talked. It’s been a while I met her. It’s been really a long time we chatted and laughed together. She was my life, she was everything and her enigma was for me and me only. May be it’s my color she didn't like or it can be even my weight but sometimes A tree on its own is just a tree, grass is just a grass, a cow is just a cow and a sun is just a light source. If you combine all you get a miraculous view of a cow grazing in meadow in shadow and sunlight peeking through the trees! A whole landscape is lot more than just the sum of its parts…! When you put them all together it can be magic…..!!
But this magic has limitations, not everyone is lucky to feel and see this. I feel sorry for them, they are just visually challenged. She always said she can’t decide on her own, it’ll be her parent’s decision to take, but now I feel it was just a hiding wall behind which she hides her truth. I had some friends who knew for who am I, still didn’t have a chance to be wit…