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Put your hands in the water
watch the water flow
put your hands in the light
and watch your skin glow
for once ask your heart, if you truly love me?
and I will let you go!,

Put your feet in this mud,
feel the earth heal..
get your hands in the air..
and feel the wind blow..
for once say me the words,
and I will let you go..!

Put your heart in mine,
and feel the love grow,
take my hands in yours,
and walk past the slope,
for once hear my love....
and I will let you go!!!

Put yourself in those mornings I dreamed of,
and feel the warmth of my presence,
hug me tight sometimes,
and watch unfold a rose,
let me live my dream,
till that heartbeat goes,
for once if I broke your heart,
then plz let it go!

Put yourself in my shoes,
and only once, just once...
consider my views,
even then let us be foes,
but for once, just once..
ask your heart to love me....
and I will let you go!!!

चुकता चुकता कधीतरी तू , चुकणे चुकवून जाशील, जाता जाता पलीकडे तू तुलाच ओळखशील, येणे जाणे सरेल तेव्हा, न भेटता हि भेटी , आनंदाच्या लहरी येऊन लहरी वर आदळती, उखाण्यातले नाव हि तेव्हा, उखानच होईल, सागरतीरी स्तब्ध जाहला लाटांचा कल्लोळ!!!!

Hum Though, humaare Although!

In the earlier part I told you about our first meet. After this my life suddenly changed,  unexpectedly love stories felt so interesting, all those problems they faced felt like mine, sleepless nights started coming, whole day I started doing nothing….all that Bollywood kind of stuff started happening with me! I was totally into her. I decided then that she’s the one, I mean come on…I just love her (at the age of 14 these were the only things I imagined to be in love!!). 10th Board exams came in March, till then we met sometimes when I was there in Nagpur on Sundays but no complications, one thing was clear by then she was oblivious about me, we were so childish then! Whenever I saw her my smile was so big that u can put three Pani puries in my mouth at once! I was falling freely in the endless well called love!!!
Board exams started we were busy, and after one month we all were going to be free birds for 4 full months. I wrote my last word in last paper and handled it over to the invi…

Echoes of the past!! (Part 3): The Professor

“Kyu be han han kya karra!! Kya nag hai kya re tu!”  Prof. Nakhle said. And the guy after this was named as NAGESH I mean what’s this, naming campaign!! Prof. Nakhle is the most ohh sorry was the most famous teacher, adherent, irredeemable, desperate person. Ohh girls please don’t cry here, I wrote ‘was’ as he is now not in Raisoni, He was my professor for two subjects in two different sems and god knows how we managed…at least Mandar Pingle knows it very well.!!
This man who can be best portrayed as Hagrid in Harry potter but not fully but an astute and discerning Hagrid. He joined our institution in mid semester replacing that professor whom I described in EoP1 who taught IRON CARBON DIAGRAM! Nakhle sir promised so many things in so little time that it felt like you’ll pass examination just like you send request to an unknown girl on facebook, some get accepted otherwise for some days you are blocked!! He was capable of being inarticulate and sagacious at the same time! There are s…

A little tiny Planet called Earth!

Love someone truly, and feel the joy of it,
do some madness together sometime, when you friends meet!
Every night promises a new morning, every end comes with a new beginning,
dream those beginnings, to fulfil them in mornings
let us help people for their new starting!
Feel the wind as if you have wings,
fill yourself with music to catch your life’s strings!

Never judge else's thinking as it may sound oblivious for you,
judge yourself for others, because not everyone but some do feel for you!

Life is a gift, live it by sharing,
we do come alone, but true meaning is in pairing..!
Day dreaming is  fake, it’ll only show unreal reality, 
hedonism needs life viewed by rationality!

The everyday diary of common man, it may or may not be of glory,
but it’s his autobiography, his film, his experiments with life, a miracle he lived like a story!

It’s not about who you are, its not about who you will be,
it was always about who you were, and what you chose to be!

Many came here, many lived, many lost, they a…