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Echoes of the past!! (Part 3): The Professor

“Kyu be han han kya karra!! Kya nag hai kya re tu!”  Prof. Nakhle said. And the guy after this was named as NAGESH I mean what’s this, naming campaign!! Prof. Nakhle is the most ohh sorry was the most famous teacher, adherent, irredeemable, desperate person. Ohh girls please don’t cry here, I wrote ‘was’ as he is now not in Raisoni, He was my professor for two subjects in two different sems and god knows how we managed…at least Mandar Pingle knows it very well.!!

This man who can be best portrayed as Hagrid in Harry potter but not fully but an astute and discerning Hagrid. He joined our institution in mid semester replacing that professor whom I described in EoP1 who taught IRON CARBON DIAGRAM! Nakhle sir promised so many things in so little time that it felt like you’ll pass examination just like you send request to an unknown girl on facebook, some get accepted otherwise for some days you are blocked!! He was capable of being inarticulate and sagacious at the same time! There are so many things clouding my mind as I think of him!!

He had his peculiar way of telling lies, I remember one scene:

5th semester had just started and we were told that our class teacher is NAKHLE SIR. We were very happy that now we don’t have tension of attendance as he himself was irregular so we were out of the question! We started bunking classes regularly, but one day we came to know that our beloved professor Mr. Mahalle sir (a demoted first year HOD!) is our true class teacher and Nakhle sir is co-class teacher. We were so hopelessly apprehensive that time. One day it was Mahalle sir’s lecture going on and he asked “ ha muze ek baat puchni hai ( I wanted to ask one thing??) Who is your class teacher?????.....and after this it was havoc….he was stunned by the answer…from our side..:

Half side of class: NAlhle sir , nakhle sir , nakle s, nakhle  ( in different sounds and pronunciation )

Other half: Mahalle sir , mahale s, mahaalllleeee siirrrr…!!! 

An expression of anger covered his crude black face, and he looked like hornless rhino to me!! He shouted with all his voice NAKHLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! A guy ran for his life to Nakhle sir’s cabin to call him!! Ohh cabin, hmm it just reminded me another story. So Nakhle came and got heavily punished, after Mahalle sir’s gone, he punished us..he looked at me and said.. “ ku re Vighne hai kya teri 80 % attendance, sirf 47 % thi maine lagayi, maine….aur tum saleee” ( so Vighne is your attendance really 80% ?, I managed it from 47 to 80, I )  And after that he left. Man it was so fun, that liar lied to us at start of sem he said he was our class teacher and got his ship sailed in his #$% hole!!!

Hmm so I was talking about cabin hunn!! Of-course it’s about Nakhle’s cabin. He called Mandar for some work obviously a nonsense one. But our dear BARIK, he was like hypnotized by V.D. NAKHLE. He called me and we were there, he called us for a photograph with princi, I knew it was not gonna happen. When we met Mandar was dressed in full formal white shirt crisply pressed, black trouser, black formal shoos, well combed hair ekdam fatak!! Fauji like. And I was like wearing that same blue jeans which I washed a month ago, my shirt was not even ironed, sandals , no shirting. And Mandar was dumbfounded by my looks. Any ways we then headed for his cabin as we entered the cabin he said “ aoa aoa , baith re beta..” we asked, "sir that photo", and was stunned by his answer: "hmm wo to aaj nahi hoga, tum log aisa karo ye mera ek article hai ye Hitwada ke office me dedo." ( ohh that , that’s not important, u do one thing, this is my article. Submit this in Hitwada office) . Now you know which words I had used then! Then we sat for some time and he was talking about some magazine and Mandar was getting fascinated again. He by mistake minimized all windows and ohh my god, ohh god shit. He was watching NAUGHTY AMERICA that too upside down..ohh shit we all fumbled at once, Mandar and I saw at each other and suddenly whole magazine thing was turned into a reply: “ are manish wo kal ke file la bar idhar, joa beta mai bad me bat karta, fir bulata tumko!! ( Manish get me yesterdays files, go you two we’ll talk later!) we came out of the cabin walked past the corridor, came near the canteen entrance, again looked at each other and started laughing loudly..ohh my god….ha ha ha ha!! We had just caught our professor watching naughty America that to upside down …and a while later whole canteen was filled with laughter!!

He was such a big liar that he promised us an internship in DRDO BANGLORE that too at air transport. And what we had to do for him for this is just publish his some creepy news in a dead regional newspaper TARUN BHARAT! He called Mandar for the same work 2-3 times and never did that, Nikhil Ayade got less marks in drawing sheets because he didn’t help him to publish his news. And maybe you can say I am lucky because from me he demanded collection of American pie series and other movies,  but obvious I supplied it to him, I got him 5 DVDs fully loaded with movies and specially American pie series.!! What I got for this, 10 out of 10 in 7 out of 11 drawing sheets!

He is now alive and this creature can be seen in Nagpur around Wardha road…guess what he is now, He is HOD of Mechanical department in some other college!!


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