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Lives at stake!

As a guy from a 21’st century, I googled gambling. It said gambling is a term for an act of putting the money you have in a game which has an uncertain outcome always. And suddenly my whole life flashed in front of me. The biggest gamble one plays is his life. Some play it safe, some take risks! But at end every ones lives are at stake.
Gamble of life starts as you get out of that safest cave after 9 months of struggle (not yours). I called it a safest cave as only thing one’s able to do is live that to not on your own. And that’s how you owe your life to her! She gambled her life to earn you one! Now as we are born in this little sea filled with infinite possibilities to choose what the world calls you. Your gamble starts when you get held by that nurse without any replacement guarantee if you are dropped. The second one you don’t know the first one! Every move of yours bears an uncertain outcome (that’s why new mothers always carry nappies). Sometimes that uncertain outcome of yours…

y u no snd me a msg.!!!!

Boy: hi.!
Girl: hieeeeee.!
Boy: how r u...
Girl: f9 …
Boy: wats goin on..??
Girl: nthin…!!
Boy: R u busy?? Am I disturbin u??
Girl: no, jus out with mom.!!
Boy: Ok then talk to u later, bye bye, tc, keep in touch..!
Girl: bye bye…!!
Even if we ignored the so many full stops after every few words, the talk is senseless. Still it goes on and on once started. After giving a hit-n-trial hi to every girl’s phone number in your phonebook few will reply and one will continue the legacy of messaging. Then once started its unwritten rule to care for her health or you’ll sound so rude. After this sharing of health problems the topic shifts to what she is doing now, and he then forgets about any work he has to do besides staring at his cell like it’s Pamela .!! Ready to capture as it spreads     light!!!!
If she replies she’s busy! Then without any hesitation or any feeling of shame he’ll say ‘sorry we’ll talk later’ and returns to phonebook and starts hit-n-trial again!!  After this all starts our messagi…