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Lives at stake!

As a guy from a 21’st century, I googled gambling. It said gambling is a term for an act of putting the money you have in a game which has an uncertain outcome always. And suddenly my whole life flashed in front of me. The biggest gamble one plays is his life. Some play it safe, some take risks! But at end every ones lives are at stake.

Gamble of life starts as you get out of that safest cave after 9 months of struggle (not yours). I called it a safest cave as only thing one’s able to do is live that to not on your own. And that’s how you owe your life to her! She gambled her life to earn you one! Now as we are born in this little sea filled with infinite possibilities to choose what the world calls you. Your gamble starts when you get held by that nurse without any replacement guarantee if you are dropped. The second one you don’t know the first one! Every move of yours bears an uncertain outcome (that’s why new mothers always carry nappies). Sometimes that uncertain outcome of yours can make others shirts and sarees at stake too!

At the very starting of your ‘young’ age strange feelings block your half filled hard disk(brain) and shocks are felt by your processor (little tiny heart) and you think you are in love!!!!! Congratulations to you!! Because you started to play a game of chance for stakes!! In beginning I made a statement that some people play it safe and some take risks. In this gamble of love girls play safe and you… ohhhh come on your life’s at stake here!! You are the one who feels for her, you are the one who pay her bills, you are the one who makes her feel on the top of the world(even on flat grounds!) . and you think she makes you feel alive such a jerk we are!! I remember a line my friend used to say…….

‘jab ek ladki apna sir apke kandhe pe rakh ke roti hai na, toh  ghanta samaz nahi ata kya sahi hai aur kya galat’

…….. I love this line a lot!! In your life you take infinite risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or a benefit, love is just a part of it.

In India survey says 70% students choose to cruise on engineering ship! Wikipedia says cruise means a voyage on a ship taken for pleasure or as a holyday and usually calling in at several places. After 4-5 months of first yr engineering a group of best friends, probably a loyal girlfriend, easy exams, an increased pocket money makes you feel that your gambling game has come to an end and you can rest in peace now!! But as semester exams come you think of the moves that you missed and others played it smoothly. Your brain screams ‘fuel the jet! Fuel the jet!!’ but you have no time to even think of right fuel to feed him! After results some land successfully, some just land to make this verb proud, and some just get crash landed (some eject their seats in air itself!!!) this how you start the game from a new beginning. In my university as second year begins CS branch students join some creepy and weird tuition where teacher interacts with them in video conference (from a distance of 4-5 km). MECH students as usual buy a stock of VBDs; all imaginary branches like ETC, ETRX, Electrical get hinged to their CROs to watch that damn electron move. And some derived branches like IT n Industrial ohhh they just move on!

At the end of fourth year that creepy tuitions prove promising and all CS branch gets placed. MECH students sail about in an area without a precise destination. All Es get attracted to something, IT and others they just fit in anywhere they find place. But after this all everyone who was doing some job fears recession CS students come home after that, MECH students just don’t find a good place to work where their attitude is nourished!! Es get detached. IT and others they just walk with the trend! And that’s how at ‘the’ end every ones lives that student, his parents, the companies, the people who were dependent the world is at stake!!!!! That’s why I call these lives at stake!!!!!

Best luck for your game!!!!


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