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That wondrous vesper

Liking something is just a question of how much peace it yields in you. Everyone finds his own peace in his own ways yet many times we don’t know where to find one. I was restless for almost a weak or more now; many reasons, my work, missing home, missing her, whatever the reasons were but my day was not ending as I wanted it to be. Vivek called one evening and said, “Hey! Guess what! Anoushka Shankar is coming in town for a live concert. What’s say??” I asked, “Where is it? How much for the tickets?” Coincidentally it was just near my home, we both booked the tickets. Before that, I listened to some of her songs and I felt a need from within to go here her. Something was disparate in those vibrations, they moved me. I decided at that moment only, I want to; rather I have to go to this concert.

6Th of December – 2013, I came home tired from work. Traffic made it a gruesome ride to home! Though one part of my head was busy planning schedule for tomorrows work; I took a bath that got me out of the stench of it. I wore a nice white shirt and black jeans, wearing white always put my mind at peace. Vivek also came and we were now headed for that moment which I realized later rejuvenated me from my own. I didn't like crowd since I was a child. There were only exclusive listeners there that made me feel a bit above the ground! Just then an announcement was made. “Hello everyone, we welcome you all. The show will start in exactly 8 minutes. Have a wonderful evening!” Something from my inner I said it’s going to be a divine evening for you. And there she came, breaking thru that steady tone of the environment, spreading rapture vibes all around.

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She took her seat and wished us a very good evening, she lifted her satar and just when she struck that very cord, I was tuned. Those vibrations displaced me from that time line to an obscure origin. I wanted to be just there at that moment. I closed my eyes and found myself sitting at the bank of river, a waterfall was just in front of was misty all over. A breeze of wind whirled past my ears. The cascading water that fell from above and blended with ground bellow made lasting gushing sound; the water churning sometimes, warbling birds, trees swaying to match the rhythm…Just heavenly it is! All of a sudden all cheered bravooo!!!….And I came back to my place again. It was perfect no other word in dictionary is close to describe that event! The waterfall was actually drums, churning water was a cello and Warbling birds were none other than the Sitar!

Then she announced now she was going to play metamorphosis from her latest album Traces Of you! I felt myself the utmost fortunate person to hear my favorite song live from its creator herself!! That evening left me touched with a sense of completeness. We were returning home after the concert; both walking with a big satisfied smile on our faces.

To portray that evening in words, I’ll say it was a drama of ragas. The drums shake your soul; cello shores it up with that eternal energy, piano lets you flow freely with the rhythm of it. Satar tunes you to vibrate with your heart & shehnai takes you deep within yourself. You will meet a person who is eternally happy and free from every materialistic aspect of life. It was not just an evening, it was that wondrous vesper!


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