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I’ll rip your skin off, and will soak it in rains!

It was those days; I used to be in 5th standard. A sweet, fair, healthy without spectacles and cute boy I was then. My mum n dad bestowed me with all that I wished for as a child. I was in Marathi medium school till 7th standard. Our school was really good. Better than normal school in Nagpur. Forsooth they used to teach there! I was very talkative as a child, never stopped talking and my favourite topics was CAAARRRSS.
We had Marathi as our first language. We 5th graders were still minors and migrants travelled from our little school of 4th std. and we were told that you are in middle school now not primary. Everyday our first lecture was Marathi taught by “Mr. Gavali”. Like the saying goes Bad news travel faster; we came to know “he’s heavy drinker!!”. In first weak we all were abashed and inapt to solve the riddle of that enigmatic reek. But at last we figured it out, whenever our sir came, the reeking ambience followed him. He was a tall man, a big moustache with pointed ends…he c…