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I’ll rip your skin off, and will soak it in rains!

It was those days; I used to be in 5th standard. A sweet, fair, healthy without spectacles and cute boy I was then. My mum n dad bestowed me with all that I wished for as a child. I was in Marathi medium school till 7th standard. Our school was really good. Better than normal school in Nagpur. Forsooth they used to teach there! I was very talkative as a child, never stopped talking and my favourite topics was CAAARRRSS.

We had Marathi as our first language. We 5th graders were still minors and migrants travelled from our little school of 4th std. and we were told that you are in middle school now not primary. Everyday our first lecture was Marathi taught by “Mr. Gavali”. Like the saying goes Bad news travel faster; we came to know “he’s heavy drinker!!”. In first weak we all were abashed and inapt to solve the riddle of that enigmatic reek. But at last we figured it out, whenever our sir came, the reeking ambience followed him. He was a tall man, a big moustache with pointed ends…he curled that pointed ends after every 4-5 minutes; he used to wear shirt much bigger size than he actually is. His pants were from old 70-80s which he used to tighten with a narial thread. He was real scary. But even then he taught well. He was like that because he came from a distant village which didn’t even have concrete road to reach my city. He owned a very rusty and old M-80. The number plate of that vehicle was tied to the screw holes with rassi!!! That throaty engine made various sounds. And when it was rainy season…he was at his funniest. He used to wear those long boots and they remained muddy all the season. He carried a raging, wrathful and wild look on his face all the time. Our seniors told us he punishes veryyyyyy badly…..and beats you till you cry from the bottom!!!

I was unaware of all these facts till that day. After that I became his favourite student to punish. All the way till last day of 5th grade; I got punished every day!!!!!!! I was veryyyyyyyyyy talkative as I told you. And I used to irritate the guy beside me, who used to look at me with dumb expressions when I told him about dude I saw BMW in Mumbai; and he was like what the hell he’s talking about??? , he was even incapable to think of an alien then!! Then I used to shift topic to gadgets (Only one at that time MOBILE!!! that too black and white!!) And yet again he was like…. “ OHHOOOO this motu is now really taking on me!!!  From where he gets that filthy stuff??”. He was so dumb and moonstruck that he couldn’t even imagine what I was talking about. When I told him about mobile…..he imagined he’s holding remote of his TV and Tattling hopelessly, but still he couldn’t fancy the screen!! 

All the while I was talking this sir was looking at me and then he yeeeeeellllllllllledddddddddddd at me……Omkarrrrrrr…

Me. Awuuuuu my ear… omg …aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sir: kay chalu ahe??? Me ithe shikwun railo n tu tekd bolun raila……?? (What are you doing when I am 
teaching here!!) chal law kombdi law….(chal murga ban!!!)

ME: nia n sir, (no sir please!!)

Sir: Laaw nai t katde kadhun pawsaat walu ghalto!! Law kombdi!! Saaapppp…(Chal murga ban or else I’ll rip your skin off and will soak it in rains!!)

And there I was found sitting in corner of a class in MURGA form!!! It was so embarrassing. I cried that day and bunked the school next day. Told mom and dad they said “are he’s your teacher, you must have done something wrong!!” So in short they told me not to walk before I can crawl. And again there I was sitting in his lecture. It started with beating of one of my fellow, because he didn’t bring his copy that day! And again after some time I lured my partner into geeky dream works of mine. Just then a rude sound came and stroked my ear…omkaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr MURGA!!!!!! I again moved to the corner and the whole class listened carefully to his nonsense lecture!!! After the class was over he told everone to wait, called me on dais…and shouted “if he talks again……what will do to him childreeeeeeeeennnn…..we…ahem ahem I will rip his skin off and will soak it in rains!!!”

This happened till last day of 5th grade. But he never touched me to beat. He just lent me one of the corners of his temporary empire. Now you all must be wondering if he was so bad to me why I am dedicating a post to him on my blog…… on..

My dad got election duty as an officer of our umrer city, I was there at tehsil; waiting for dad to see if he wants something as he will be now head and can’t come home for 2 days. All the teachers and lecturers were under him….he was arranging everyone where to send them, my all teachers from 5th to 10th grade were there. They say me and came to wish me luck As they got the news that “I got selected in KIRLOSKAR” I touched their feet….and as I looked in front….a small figure of a man heighted just to my shoulder was standing, he had a faded big moustache, yellowish black eyes, looking at me in amazement, I leaned forward to touch his feet, he grabbed my arms and hugged me; and said I am very happy for you my student. He was same with all his appearance and habits. But that day I came to know….he’s deceased with loss of memory…and recalls only few persons which are regular to him. He’s drinking habits are on all time high now. He can’t even teach properly. But even after this enormous changes…he remembered me as his student….i touched his feet in an unnamed honour…..he looked at me and said “Katade kadhun pawsaat walu ghalin!!” (I’ll rip your skin off and will soak it in rains!!) and we both laughed. Then we chatted for an hour, I took his and all my teachers blessings and headed back to home. When I told dad about this, he said “Beta; never forget a person from whom you learn something, your learning’s from him are your saviour at times!”. If he can dedicate me a corner of his ruling room and remember me even after losing his memories…..I can surely dedicate a post to him and can make sure this post will find a place in my blog.


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