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Horizon at its end!!!!

Horizon, the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet
But still we think that there’s an end to it!! Some voyages are endless! We want some to be endless. But an impossible thing can never happen and things we believe impossible but happen are the only one’s possible at ends! Does our surrounding really have ends! Or we have ends! Is end a reality. I found some words, they signify end:  finish, terminate, conclude, close, complete, stop, cease, and expire. A thin yet enormous difference lies between these synonyms and the real word ‘end’. All these words are just mere names given to our daily life activities! Can you say earth will finish or terminate or expire! They all are just materialistic. You can only finish your work, or close your closet, or stop your movement.
Can you cease, terminate, or conclude your soul. This materialistic world has many types of stops, many types of terminations, and an end too! But think of what we say when we talk about our universe’s…