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24th July, I clearly remember the date, as I left Nagpur, sometime later I realized it was not only Nagpur or my city that I left. It was my life back then. My parents, my home, relatives, friends, college, masti, my love, sorrows, moments of joy, moments that left behind. They all became memories, some faded, some like it happened yesterday.

Next morning I was standing at Pune station, baffled. New co-voyagers, new destinations and new challenges. I just walked out of station, looked up; it spelled….

‘Le Meridian’

At once a mirthless yet tremulous smile came on my face. Then I realized I have to search for a home. Got shared auto, reached to destination. Searched ferociously for a flat and got one!!
On first morning I woke up; walked in gallery, it was pouring pleasantly. The yesterday’s feeling was still there but less intense, rather my mind was less entangled in it. I closely watched those raindrops, those opulent raindrops; they carried capacity of bringing something new to life as they became dormant after touching the ground.

Courtesy: Omkar V. Vighne

Each drop left its place, travelled anxiously towards ground with no sorrows in it but only hope. Hope for new life. Everywhere it was getting green. Half an hour passed, didn’t realized it at all…Gave a glance at my watch…..Ohh My God!!!! 7:15 AM, I have to leave dude!! It’s my first day at office. Somehow found the company, road was awesome!! For first few days I complained about rains but it felt homely again. Now I wait for those tiny lively water drops to arrive. Like I know that they have something to say to me, Yet standing in the rains deciphering what its saying???? Guess I’ll figure it out someday…
As of now I’m enjoying …….


Dil me hai Arman jage jage seeee
Beh gaye aansoon bhi barishon ke bundoon meee……….
Uth rahe tufaan yaddoon ke puharoon seeee….
Ab khushiyaan dhund tu..jhumlee is barish mein tu….
Just enjoy the pune rains..!!!!

Baras rahi hai jindagi..
Samet le in lamho kooo….
Chodd de khamoshi..beh le is hawa ke sang…
Ajmale in khushiyonn kooooo & forget the pains…
Just enjoy the PUNE   RAINS. . . .!!


  1. Wow! You posses an innate capability of comparing things & reflecting deep feelings in your words. I liked the poem :)Yeah ! You will figure out what the raindrops have to say. I must say beautiful :) Reading a blog post after quite sometime & I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it :) Take care ! Keep writing ! Happy blogging :)

    P.S: Write more often friend :)

  2. Thank you!! Yup will definatly try to write more often!

  3. There are hardly any rains now in Pune. I still remember when I arrived here on 5th April 2008. It rained on second day of my arrival, it rained on first day of my office. The rain drenched my soul, opened my heart. I would step out of office during the evenings only to smell wet soil. Taking rounds and rounds of the city clutching my loved one tightly and drenching carelessly in the rain. You refreshed so many memories.


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