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Hum Though, humaare Although!

In the earlier part I told you about our first meet. After this my life suddenly changed,  unexpectedly love stories felt so interesting, all those problems they faced felt like mine, sleepless nights started coming, whole day I started doing nothing….all that Bollywood kind of stuff started happening with me! I was totally into her. I decided then that she’s the one, I mean come on…I just love her (at the age of 14 these were the only things I imagined to be in love!!). 10th Board exams came in March, till then we met sometimes when I was there in Nagpur on Sundays but no complications, one thing was clear by then she was oblivious about me, we were so childish then! Whenever I saw her my smile was so big that u can put three Pani puries in my mouth at once! I was falling freely in the endless well called love!!!

Board exams started we were busy, and after one month we all were going to be free birds for 4 full months. I wrote my last word in last paper and handled it over to the invigilator, and the first thought after that was going to Nagpur!!!! Yesss!!!  After a week or two me n my family came here in Nagpur at granny’s place. We all met in evening, everyone was happy, we all were sitting on benches in ground in front of my appt. chatting general things. I was looking at her, gazing at her eyes while talking, in middle of everywhere someone gave a rubbish idea of playing cricket and we were parted, girls continued their talk, I was hopelessly stretched from her to play with that forlorn ball coming to me like a hand bomb. ( I never liked cricket, was not good at it at all!!).

Some days passed, they were like golden days. We all met regularly in afternoon at someone’s home to play cards or some other dumb games, in evenings we boys played cricket. Then again somebody suggested a new type of game: CURRENT-CURRENT (I know you are laughing, we were kids then!!). We have to sit in a circle holding each other’s hands, one will choose a someone to whom he’ll pass the current, you have to pass it secretly as one of us will detect from where its passing, if he catches we fail, otherwise the receiver receives the current and should say “ I got the current” ( stop laughing..!!) . Till now everyone had a slight idea that I liked her, even she had it. When I used to say her name to send current, everyone used to smile at each other, and then she too sometimes favored my name. It would put a very big smile on my face when I said “I got the current!” I thought at least for some time that she too liked me, but it was a mirage.

Board exams results were out I scored good, she too bagged a nice amount of % . I came to Nagpur after that for junior college. It was the age of mobiles and computers now. I was at granny’s place. We two shared something special; at least I feel this till now! I never knew what exactly she felt for me, tried the flower method no certain outcome though. Then I got my cell, after some days we shared cell number. Started forwarding forwarded messages, till then I didn’t knew the writer in me (I know I’m not a good writer, but in my world I’m the best!) then started with some love poems, some notes that stated how much I wanted her, how much I loved her!! I don’t believe now, I even cried for her then (still do!!).

I am kind of person who wears his emotions on his sleeves. Sometimes when chatting  with her I got out of control and sent her very senty messages like, I can’t live without you now and begging her to love me n all that non-sense. I really irritated her then! How she tolerated me I don’t know, she was always better than me..!! I said sorry for that. We were still good though we still laughed with each other but our meetings have stopped. I moved to my new flat with granma, in Pratap nagar. And we became strangers to each other once again. My life took many twists n turns in those two years but about one thing I was sure that I finally found my love, it was not infatuation, it was, is and will be pure love! Only love with respect! Nothing more than that! Now maybe it’s fate or some other thing that I again moved at my grandmother’s place in first year. One day I gathered courage and called her, I thought now it is time that I should tell her that I love her so much!!
I day dreamed a date, I called her and requested her to come to some garden having bridge, she said yes, I purchased a bunch of roses, first a pink rose to say “Thank you” that you came, Then a yellow rose for a start of a new beginning, for our friendship, then a white rose for her innocence, for my reverence about her, and last a single thorn less rose saying you are my love at first site. Then we meet, I get on my knees and offer her those roses one by one proposing her. Then she says YES!! And I request her hand for a dance! Suddenly I came to real world by some noise, gathered courage and called her, she straightly said no to come outside and insisted to tell it on phone itself.

My heart was beating like hell! And finally I said it, “Samiksha (name changed) I like you very much, I love you,

Samiksha: Ohh achaa are ekdam suddenly kaise??

Me: No no I waited for this for years

Samiksha: Ohh you know I was proposed by 2-3 other guys also!

Me: Ohh that’s good for you then, so am I late??

Samiksha: Hmm No not like that but, you know we are not capable of deciding all this, so I leave these decisions on my parents. They will decide

Me: I have planned my life with you! I was planning to come at your place with my family as I get a job through campus, for formal talking. Because I am not asking you this for timepass, we will even keep this secret from outer world because they’ll tease then!

Samiksha: Ya, correct, muze bhi ye sab GF n BF relations pasand nahi!! Tu ekdam Na bhi mat samaj but I’ll do what my parents say!

I was hurt that she indirectly said no to me, but was glad that she took a right decision and she has a very good thinking about her parents. But after that what came in between I don’t know our contact became very less, we hardly talked to each other. Gradually it came to an unknown silence!

Now we are young, and know how to maintain relations, we have maintained a HI-Bye contact but never really talk to each other. Now I watch films like ‘NAMSTEY LONDON’ to remember my love for her, and again fall in love every time I see her!!

See I told u about my Emotions on sleeves nature, was watching BODYGAURD on TV, got tangled in her thoughts has made me write this much, at least you people now have some idea how much I love her!!


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