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Hmmm…. So this time I was excited to write about something serious. But I gave it another thought and dropped the idea. Yaaar I am just 20 and writing serious naaaaaa….Girls will call me uncle (though they comport themselves as aunties all the time!!)

I was really in quandary what to write about. Just then he called; my best friend. I never wrote about him. Was muddled and conscious or say bewildered about this exemplary Indian mentality. A boy writing for a boy! How will people opine to this? But now after 4 years I realized though we belong to different families. We are brothers not in blood but at heart. And best part we are friends! He won’t mind!  

When I joined college I needed petrol partner my aunt bestowed me with him. You’ll surely come to know why I wrote “bestowed”. I didn’t know back then, my Petrol partnership will turn into fraternity. He is much different from me, still we are same. And as long time has passed now, we know each other well. We know exact reactions of each other on almost every situation. 

He has peculiar habit of turning his neck around when someone makes a bad joke! And girls please make him feel home when he is near….He didn’t had any girlfriend yet, I mean come on! He’s good, has personality. Yeah at times you can say he has a bit of attitude in him. His mother complains that he never talks much at home and all I can manage is a supposititious smile, because when we are out, we all friends get shooed away at any and every place we go because we laugh like devils!

He is sentimental but doesn’t show that too often. And one thing to know about him, he is very secretive man. Even I didn’t know what he used to do when he was not with us! If he dislikes a thing, and you have it then you are in a big trouble!!!! He likes only those things which he owns! Kindaa possessive!! He is passionate, choosy like a girl (he’s gonaa beat me up now!!!), logical, wise and helping.

He has a very good convincing power. Don’t ever say him convince me! Or either you will be left with no words to save your side or you will find yourself without mouth!!! Whenever we wanted to bunk the class, I just used to tell him “yaar aaj claas nahi jate!!” and he used to message me afterwards...Class bunked no one’s going! We do have some common likes such as Sightseeing at Traffic Park and Amul (milk of India!).Hope you people have an idea about these places in Nagpur. We go there every evening! And we laugh hard when girls review him. They often call him selfish, rude and rough and many more….!! (I am definitely in danger now!!!). But no tension dude these are the qualities a boy should hold up to!!! But sometimes he reallllly get rude…I remember, when I bought new Samsung touch screen phone he liked it tilllllll; he got a new Nokia 5233 for him! After that…Ohhh my god, my phone is not good, Samsung’s touch screen is hopeless, Samsung does not provide apps, it’s a low quality phone, doesn’t even look good in your hand, and after all this…,,…..hopeless qualities of Samsung…….abruptly samsung’s good!! Why?? because he bought a digicam and unfortunately of Samsung….so suddenly samsung’s a good company, manufactures quality cams…god I mean what does he thinks of himself God of sarcasm ???? That’s where I found a name for him “FEEL PROUD!!” Whatever you have is the best!! I think his wife will be happy to have him!!

 Ohh and one more thing…..Bajaj pulsar 220 hopeless bike, engine sounds cranky, bad sitting posture, no chain cover, and doesn’t even look good why?????? So simple……you still even can’t guess….of course, because he owns a karizma!!!! The best bike in the world…..even cbr 250 is bad in front of his bike…it goes like this…

We all were timepassing at bajaj nagar….(well dictionary defines time pass as: aimless or unproductive activity over an extended period) and a guy came riding a brand new just launched CBR 250,( bike manufactured by Honda), it’s really smooth ride, we all were watching him park and getting off it in attitude……just then ….yaar merko nahi jami ye bike….nik said….and we again got ourselves prepared to hear the words like hopeless, dallidar….and continued…conclusion…isse toh meri karizma achi hai…!!!! Ha ha ha ….!

Hushhhh, now some good stuff about him, He and I are best friends! We share everything, ahem ahem, not cloths ….I am 36 and he is 32 at waist so quite not suitable…and don’t have girl to share…besides this everything!! He really has good knowledge about roads, map and general awareness. As a person he is very good, understanding, and handles situation well, never gets in any jhagdas! ( but do pass harsh comments sometime) we enjoy a lot. Every time one us get out for some work alone, we stop by at each other’s house. Don’t know how it’s going to be after this. Lives will change for sure. But we, we will remain the same in these years at least. Whenever I’ll look in these years back I’ll find us together. Ohh I got lil senti here….it’s not time yet….we are still enjoying!!

I should stop here now, or you will find me ripped in my next post!!! Enjoy folks!!! I’ll go get first aid for me!!! I’m going to need it for the whole season, kya kare friends hi itne hai!!


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