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Friends Express: The Ajari!!

Wooo here we meet at my humor class again! Enough with the love thing now; I’ll leave that decision to her. So let me introduce you to my 2nd buddy Mr. Ajari ….oohh sorry! (No offence dude!!).

His profile’s as follows.

Name: Ajari Akash!

Address: Come on girls facebook will help you in this!!

Mobile no. : Not necessary! (Ask him while chatting!!)

College: Raisoni’s tapari. (G. H. Raisoni college of engineering, Nagpur)

Site: (Never follow this site, why? explained bellow!!)

Branch: Let’s imagine: The fictitious ETC (They never see any electron moving, just CRO gives a line output and they are happy with it!!!)

Personal doctor (Ohm yes he loves to keep one!!): Previous: Dr. Mathurkar; Current: Dr. Phatak (Ayurvedic)

Unproductive membership: Golden card awarded!! Lifetime membership!!

Hushhhhh so much for visiting him, let’s talk about his qualities. Firstly he does not have a girl friend. He is in ETC branch (The branch is full of girls, of course Fadu beautiful!!) still he don’t have one; Hmm but thank god that he at least likes someone secretly, straight forward simple and decent guy. Good general knowledge; but don’t know how to start conversation with girls; has no decision making sense. A blogger who owns a blog and yet never posted a single article yet is followed by three people. Achhha talking about his good qualities, it’s only first and his last good quality rather say opportunity….He is one of my best buddies!! (Shit my nose’s just broke!!! Awuuuu!!!)

I don’t quite remember when I met him for the first time, not even recollect when we shared our no. but I do recall one thing. Rather one sentence from one of my friend; “Pande aur Pandit kabhi bhi chalte!!” now even I say this sentence. He’s kind of bhola person. When we have our sessionals he used to sit in class beside ours….we are mechanical students so we used to submit blank papers and stand in front of his class door and shout at him…. “Akash don’t cheat dude….” We always caught him cheating and asking answers to the girl sitting beside him. Then professor came to see who’s shouting…..and we ran away!! Still he always came out of the class room with a disgruntled look and an ire sulking of his face….. “Yaar wachun alo hoto be tari pan fail ahe aaj!!!” (I came with preparations dude, but it didn’t worked!) And we used to burst out laughing!!!

The Ajari Akash cross processed!!

You’ll find his mortal soul resting at different places, at different times on various couches OR beds (but alone everywhere!!) in manifold doss themes!! One’s we were at mandar’s  as usual mechies bunked the classes, so we were passing time at mandar’s house. He came there after a while, all ETC was attending lecture and only, the one and only he was sitting with us like he was manumitted from the department. We were watching Discovery turbo…and after some time herd a snoring sound; to our astonishment ……….he was found in couch in torpid sluggish sleep!!! For doubling the adventure, manadar’s mom came from school, and he saw it through the window, and asked us in sleep.. “are ya madam ithe kashya” …( How can this madam be here??) and just then he realized where he was slumbering and woke up at once!! And we again burst out laughing!!! Same thing happened at amba’s house!!!

Now let us talk about his decision making qualities, ahem ahem…so we are at the frozen is heating up! And we really need to cool down…as I entered I ordered fruit overload Nikhil said make that 2, amba got his kaju fudge! Mandar took something we don’t know. Chinch ordered a Sunday special…….we started licking it off the cone….dudes I mean the ice cream!!! Yet Ajari is deciphering the menu card as if he wants to by heart it and will write it down sequentially on next day!! Then he came to us, saw all the cups and cones we were holding..(Of ice creams I mean!!) and decided one till then we are finished with half our pleasure…of eating ice cream. And here he comes with unusual multicolored scoop in hand…looking so delicious and he’s tasting it….ayyaaak thu!!! Ayyyaak thu…trhuuuu!! Sheeeeeeeee!!! Hopeless……runs to the counter again….bhayia ya kya hai ( Man, what’s this??) ye to bahot purana lag ra….ye dekho kaisa dikh ra!!! (it looks stale dude, it’s frozen like hell, and tastes like mud!!) and he watches us from one corner of his eye………HA ha ha ha!!! Ohhh my god….HA ha ha ha…same case happened at Amul…and even Apna bhandar!!! We took dahi, (custard); it was delicious, after that only Akash took something else that made his nose go crazy!! He offered it to the lady at counter she too made a hopeless face!!

And here’s the secret why he is called Ajari, because whenever winter comes his first visit, Dr. Mathrukar!! He actually suffers by nothing but the psychological fear of his. If he has cold that means just a sneeze and he’s at Hospital! Got a little bit headache, again at mathurkar, he even don’t attend unproductive’s meeting sometimes!!! Now it’s summer so he will keep track on his body temp! And will run to Dr. Pathak now…. I mean come on dude you have crossed your 19’s not 91’s!!! He has nothing wrong with still he’ll run to them just fill their pockets up!

Whenever we meet we discuss about how our children will be, and only one last thing we say about our beloved Ajari’s children….please god doesn’t bless them with their dad’s feelings…or they will be confused who their dad is????!!!! Awuuuu shit …..meri toh waat hai!!! (I’m gonna go absconding for some days now!!). Till then you enjoy reading!! And please don’t visit his blog!!!


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