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Statement of Purpose For a GIRLFRIEND ...from a still single guy!! (NO OFFENCE TO ANY GIRL OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!)

Woohh Feeling like I am back in mood again. After writing about serious, materialistic and pragmatic topics; I’m hypnopompic! Humor’s missing in my posts recently!

Nursery, Middle school, High school, junior college, Graduation; Hush after all this hard work (Ahem ahem in Graduation I did lots of hard work but not studies!) here I am sitting at my cubical in my office!! Well hard work paid off after all (I mean hard work in studies!!). But still it’s not that hard enough, more work needs to be done for higher studies! Many of my friends are going for post-graduation (It seems that they are still hungry for the college fun!!), some are wondering desperately for a job! Some are going abroad for following their true passion! And to go abroad you need to do many formalities but The Imp IS: SOP (Statement of Purpose!)! One my friend is going abroad, he gave me his SOP to check whether it’s OK or not. I read it; it was good! But while reading it a thought stroked my mind, What if we want to get a good, loyal (impossible), single (Big joke, being single’s outta fashion these days!!) Girlfriend! You can write an SOP. This will justify this to all those girls who give us skeptic look while we are looking at them like a brand new super bike which should be driven to its top speed!! Following can be read at your own risk! 

Girls please do approve!

They always fascinated me (Since I was old enough to get fascinated by them!!). I always wondered why they are so pretty. This propelled me to think of them more vigorously. After I completed my schooling in an only boy’s school; I desperately took admission in a co-ed junior college so I can follow my dreams! (Ahem ahem dreams of higher knowledge u dirty mind!). I opted for computer science branch knowing it has a good scope. But my interest was always Big, Big cars!

I have constantly updated my knowledge about all types of occurrences of girl species. On account of my knowledge they are categorized as Good, Superb, Naughty, Serious, irritating, unrealistic, lovable, etc. From the start I took interest in naughty and unrealistic species of them. To study them deeply one, I worked hard! I worked hard on the basic subjects like of ToF (Theory of Flirting), SoM (Strength of material) and FD (Figure drawing). The core and critical subjects like Thermal power, HT (Heat transfer), Fluid power and Fluid dynamics were very interesting. The practical study of these critical subjects was not possible as unavailability of labs and samples!  As a part of study I attended various attractive workshops outside which helped to clear my doubts about subjects like measurements, manufacturing processes, operation research!

I have completed my management degree in Girlfriend management from an unnamed esteemed institute of my city. I was the presidential scholar of my batch (Still I’m single!!). My project was to identify the characteristics of a manageable girlfriend. I changed my project at last as we failed to identify any manageable character. I gathered a few capable team mates whom I knew that they are capable of working with me! My final year project was Design, development and fabrication of a suitable figure. In this project we got many opportunities to apply our theoretical knowledge practically (Didn't had courage then neither now!!). We outsourced our project. Our project guide was oblivious to all of this. We still managed to grab Good marks.

Now as you see my growth is good and still my full knowledge potential is unused! I want to pursue my PhD in theories of failures of girlfriend management and Disaster management. Please allow me to take admission in your reputed college. So I can study my project practically. I hope a free lab facility and sample will be provided from the college! Looking forward for your positive reply! I highly recommend myself for the Research program in theories of failure and disaster management in girlfriend management. Please Help!! :P ;)                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                  Yours faithfully!!
                                                                                                A STILL SINGLE GUY!!



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