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Does it really matter “who is involved in a crime?” or it does that someone among us is doing it! Does it really matter that “crowd went uncontrolled on some issue” or it does that we are called as crowd!! Does it really matter “who is wearing the crown to rule a nation??” or it does that is he the prudent exec or not!!
Everything seems to be a cryptogram to be deciphered. The CROWN is discombobulated by the crowd. The CROWD is flustered and aghast of crown. The denouement of both is CRIME.

Even if I am not talking about a specific country or a nation the above lines are kosher wherever the three co-exist. A community is called by its name when the members of it portray manifest demeanor guided by the chapter and verse of it! But the gain of patrons to that community depends on the purpose it has set for.
The group of people working together is crowd.  It is not quantified. We cannot prognosticate the decency and guise of crowd. The crowd nor can have a final conclusion neither can be treated with same final verdict as we know no explicit face of it. We can surely analyze the crowd; make not only single but varied conclusions out of it. Form communities having same conclusions and can have the managed crowd. But the au-milder of crowd is crown and not the crowd itself. The gospel behind the crown is crowd. The simply confusing above statements describe operating concepts of nations, one being us.  

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We choose our crown from crowd, by crowd for crowd. but does the whole crowd is in support to the chosen crown? Never can be in any nation. The crown is common for all but there are different mobs in crowd which do not want the same crown. Still it has to manage to rule somehow. No option to that. The crowd has its issues, social, personal, and at national levels. When it goes out of sight and control of crown a crime can be sighted. The conflicts take birth in all of this as a blooming flower on a rose tree; and as fruit to it we have crime in a nation.

Now even if we throw away all this English phrased befuddling sentences and put into a mathematical expression  and consider the crowd as an unknown variable X and crown a second variable Y .

Crowd = X

Crown = Y

Put these values in equation of a straight line, we get

Y = mX + C

Then even the pure mathematics tells about rise and fall of nations as:

The constant m determines the slope of that line and the constant term C determines the point at which the line crosses the Y-axis.

Consider the downgrading of a nation as its slope and C as a limit before the rise of a new crown
Slope m= Y/X

As value of x is calculated in conflicts and it increases the value of fraction decreases.

(The assumption is necessary in mathematics, so as Y is crown assume its value to be always 100)

So the point at which C comes into play. The rise and fall of a nation is occurred.

In between the process the nation sees it through various physiognomies scratched by horrifying crime.

The responsibility of maintaining the smooth slope and finding the right values to keep the equation of line solved is upon the crown but more upon the crowd. It must choose its crown wisely to become citizens of nations and not the crowd. The crowd should maintain the citizens and restrain it from being crowd; because CRIME is the only outcome of misunderstandings between first two C’s.

Crown must be proficient of controlling crowd & crowd must be capable of controlling crime. The nation will experience peace, growth and respect then.

(The above line in mathematics can be assumed as ideal condition, but it’s a fact that there is no perfect nation!)

At the end of this note I appeal you all who are reading this; to be a countable element that is responsible for maintaining the dignity of crown and not to become a crowd; As crime will not differentiate between crown, crowd and YOU!


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