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Meeting with god on a devils night!

Hellooo AAi, baba(mom n dad)…I received my first salary today!!!! …..Yeah!!! I m very happyyyy…!!  I was talking to my mom and dad, was standing on Macdonalds! Then I called uncle…and all my those co-voyagers to whom I mattered to tell them I’m earning now! I was actually there to meet “the UNPRODUCTIVE” group as Amba was in town. As always the J.M. road was blocked by ponderous traffic of Pune!! But I was happy that I got used to all the incessant and unremitting competition between Autowala and Scorpio wala!! And I managed to reach Mac D in just 38 minutes exact, from wadgaon sheri!! (20kms at least).

I was conscious while going to Mac D as it was THE same place where bomb blast mate with unwitting people a few days back! I was wandering around a bookstall like “makkhi on gud” and was bewildered that how soooo many new writers have managed to grab a seat beside Mr. Dan Brown who was sitting on his stall in line!!!! The thing I became suddenly skeptic about was two covered bags under the stall…I knew that it contained books….but becoming solicitous about it was obvious at that time! I drifted myself away and gazed around at stand still traffic….pretty objects!! And found a place to sit….
I called Nikhil he said they are in heavy traffic and will reach in some time!! So I was waiting and just then I got a macabre message from Amba….. “LIVE BOMB DETECTED AT J.M. ROAD…DON’t GO OUT!!!!” Nikhil was calling I picked up the call….

Me: Haan bol yaar..(hello!!)

Nik: Abe wo side me bomb detect hue hai …waha se nikal…!!

Me: OMG firse….

And just then I heard the sound BHOOOMMM!!!!! WTF!! What was that…..Bomb blast…and I m just a 100 meters away from the spot!! Something happened inside me instantly. I didn’t knew that feeling of fear of death before…..what if the same place I’m standing on would have been the target again???? I don’t wanna go like that..This is not possible..I gathered myself somehow..Asked watchman for directions to my area!!!  I called back Nikhil and told him to go home…he said the side is anyway jammed so he can’t come….i insisted him to go home first…I then hit the road and started riding…just a few meters and saw huge crowd around KFC corner. I waited and watched what was happening, the squad had discovered the live bomb and was disbanding it. Chill ran through my body what was if I was standing there? What if I had not find any chance for avoiding it?? What if no one knew I had gone!! Noo that’s just not happening to me today….I just achieved my first salary!!! And not even swiped my ATM card yet..Haven’t met my family since a month….haven’t met my unproductive group!!! I just asked the guy who was beside me with groping look on his face, “where to go for Nagar Road???” and just then his answer realized me THE existence of god!!! He said follow me I am going that way only, he took a left from certain alley then I don’t know from where he took me out…but after vanquishing many baffling twists and turns I was on a road which led me straight to my home...He waved me a bye as he had to continue with different route! I thanked him from bottom of my heart..I reached home…my hands were still shuddering and I was quavering while speaking!! I informed at home that I reached safely!!

After some time I settled down…I thought this was worth a note on my blog…the guy that day surely was a god for me, because I knew nothing of the route to my home. He got me home. I witnessed a half dead feeling that day…it was surely a devil’s night…but I definitely met with my “Gurudev datt” (A hindu diety) that day…when I was about to conclude this note….the only title for this stroked my mind was….Meeting with god on a devil’s night!!!!


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