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Suddenly grown up!!

After the exam I planned to write a lot…I planned to update my blog everyday! But then I gave it a second thought…writing is not about updating your blog, or not about writing something everyday…but writing about what you feel, letting your heart flow through the wordy ocean that keeps summoning the tsunamis of your emotions.  I went to the college recently to collect my provisional degree, of course without uniform or bag or anything which I would have cared about if had been coming to college for attending it. When I entered the gate the guard gave me a recognizing smile, I said “bhaiaa aaj clg uniform ke liye bahar khade nai karoge??” and he answered, actually stated that made me feel different…. “ Ab aap bade hogaye bhau, ab aap clg me padhne thodehi aye honge!!!” (You are a pass out now sir; you won’t be studying in the college anymore!). That made me feels something rarely different. I was in hurry so I didn’t bother to think about it long, I waved him a “ram ram” and went on.

I looked up and as per usual habits searched all floors with just one look,  for anyone standing in balcony who would wave a hand at me and say “come up buddy, we are all here!!” I missed that. I walked the stairs and suddenly got blank. I was unable to recall for which lecture I was here, or which room I wanted to go. But after a sec or two I recollected what I was standing there for!! I went to a window in the student section and asked for my P.D. he handed me a form; I filled it up and submitted it to him. He asked me to wait for 5 minutes. As usual I leaned to the parapet wall and pulled myself up!! I was watching the entire hustle bustle going on. All newly admitted students were colliding to all the windows in student section, for buying forms, for submitting forms….some were getting accepted and some were as always, short of documents!! All were well dressed (that means without tie n blazer)...Some girls were with blazers that brought grin on my face that how I never wore that damn 1500 Rs. Blazer. Just then the accountant called me…he said he will need another hour to get my P.D. So now what to do…there was no one I could talk with. All were just my juniors (I know very few juniors!!)…I went to the canteen, and I was shocked ‘the’ canteen was all empty….I mean the canteen which we attended regularly by bunking the classes, the canteen where we completed our journals, our records, manipulated graphs, and almost copied everything from wherever we can to make a record of 3kg weight!! (Some were 250 pages n more!!!). This canteen was empty!! I met bhushan espresso wala! Then ajju bhai..who owns that canteen! Spent some time with Ghapa!! Took a walk through the workshop corridor, checked out the classrooms that we used to sit in for some time that too planning for bunk! I checked out the boat race track which was shaped to spell Me (Mechanical!). Met a few lecturers...They were pleased to know that I came to meet them!


Then I went to see the most happening place of my college, the auditorium!!! The most awaited fashion show, numerous forums, four annual gatherings (Antaragni!), just sat on a chair and remembered my stage performance with Amba!! The college t-shirt that we finally bought in last semester! I passed the exam hall that remembered me of those VBD’s, our nutty professors….our coping tricks!!

Here I was standing again in front of the window after an hour. Just then my junior friend called me “sir!! Aap yaha kaise????” whoa what’s that feeling. Where it came from …she talked to me before...This time it felt different though. I am sir hun…the senior. She congratulated me for my placement. I thanked her. Chatted with her some time and waved her a bye. She went for her classes!! (Well yeah!!! she attended classes!!!). Then I looked around all those who were gossiping, passing by…that was not just juniors or my lecturers passing by that was time. It felt like it was just yesterday that came with my parents asking for admission in this college and today I was super most senior standing in that crowd, placed in some good company, a sudden surge of responsibility stroked through my head. I am a graduate now! I have job to do….I cannot bunk, or just hang around with my buddies. All scattered to different places, different companies; some started preps for PG!! And all of sudden I came up with two words in my mind!! I felt “Suddenly grown up!!”


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