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Echoes of the past 6: The interview!!

Wooooo here I am writing again, and it feels sooooooooooo good that I’m writing again!! Campus interviews, this is the stimulant part we all future engineers were dwelling to meet! Because it adds ‘tadka’ to your ‘daal’ called life! My life is alllll about food,eating but money’s also important. So with luck all the way with me…. (No doubt it took a wrong turn in 6th semester) but still with me!! I am eligible for the campus interviews!!! First company arrived somewhere in the month of November or something…..first aptitude test more kinda of luck test……weather your aptitude is good or worst, weather you solve questions logically or illogically, it doesn’t matter  because you can never predict judging criteria…besides this we all have large group of friends…who know nothing ..But can predict many results at time….Any way...I didn’t clear that apti!!! 

Then a large truck named TCS (no offence to those who are placed in TCS!!) came. We had to register online….Sale kya ghape hue pata nahi par unko koi password wala mail last tak nai aya!! (What went wrong I didn’t know but till this date I haven’t received any mail with password in it!). So that was just a waste of time! That company recruited almost 100 students from different branch!!! I mean is this atlas shrugged part two!! Because I don’t think these much so called engineers would do something really great!! Hmm leave it….

Third company came…it strictly prohibited MECHIES to be part of their organization! Then came Tech Mahindra. I was sitting in presentation listening to them….after 5 minutes I felt like I have been sitting in questionnaire program of what you have in comparison with TATA!! That entire time the executive was talking and presenting was what his organization has?? comparing to TATA!!  He started with his introduction and after that his first sentence was…..

Executive: ‘we are in every field where TATA is present..!! After TATA we are second in transport vehicles!! In TATA bla blab bla bla ….And in Mahindra blab la bla…..’

Dude when you are form Mahindra, why the @#$% are you taking about TATA!! I felt asleep and felt like woke up after ages but it was only 10 minutes...And the main, the best, and the worshipping part called salary was projected on screen which disappointed some but attracted many!! I was one of those who got attracted!! We were like 700 students for the placement drive….first round was ‘APPTITUDE’ Test!!! My no. came at 10.30 pm in night…I came out of the room finishing my apti and sir announced the successful candidate result which contained only two names from the batch of my apti. First was first name on list and second was the last name of the list!! Hopeless…..I returned home at worthless time of 12.30!!!

After that, came a mystical company Named “DIFFUSION”….I know my who is laughing and who’s face is grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Ha ha ha ha..!!! (The company had share value of 1rs which is now cut down to half!! Ha ha ha!!!) Actually the above saying in bracket is false it’s not even their in share market!!! But we added it for our beloved BABA KAPSE!! I too was offered some small amount by this company...But I negotiated!! Yup my life’s first interview and I negotiated!!! When the notice displayed that I am eligible for the drive I was really happy…but the company and job profile didn't mentioned the salary…then appti…the first question was “which is the 11th month of the year??” I doubted the aptitude of HR!!!! Till this time an ‘afwa’ was surfacing among us that the package is only 1.8. As time passed, it got more and more conformed that salary’s damn less……in fear of getting selected in such apti….my frnds marked choices like ‘e’ when the available options are only up to ‘d’. Days passed, weeks passed, months passed……no result of the apti. Then after 2 months a successful candidate list was displayed…we were there!!!! We had fun there, we ate lots of lunch in rs. 13/-  and had coffee….and the negotiated, said no…thrilling experience…………..when I put my condition my both interviewers were looking at me with jaw dropped..!! It happened something like this…..after all the questioner rounds, they finally said you are selected, we will be paying you 12500/- this time my jAW was dropeed, then I put my condition, from where I said this I don’t know….i said, sorry ma’am, sorry sir…but the salary you are offering is very less, but if your company is willing to pay me 20000 in hand, then I assure you that take the job and even promise you that after doing my MBA I’ll return to your company  and will work for 5 years!! (HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!) I was laughing in front them at least a griming face I did!! They said this can’t happen, you can’t negotiate…I said it’s OK!!

But now I see this all was worth a risk, Kirloskar Group came for campus drive. I improved myself and as I cleared the rounds one by one…..I feel proud for myself that Now I’m placed in ‘Kirloskar Oil Engines’. One of esteemed organizations and have chance to learn n grow well once again!!!  


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