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Echoes of the PAST (Part 5): The internship!

Ahhh Hello friends, it’s been a long time we met each other…ohhh cut the crap dude just read my blog!
We were done with our third year till now, and it was time for some vacations. On the last paper college gave us a catastrophic letter…compelling us to do an internship to get admitted in higher class, and they were so adamant this time no Jugad (setting) was allowed. All students were asking about each other’s relatives..(Till now we didn’t even know the names of half of our fellows). But this MAJBURI I tell you, everyone was asking for chacha’s and mamaji’s and papas …

Someone: Hey ..hi ..Kya bolte bhai..kitne dino baad mila yaar!! (how are you? Long time no see?)

Other: Are mahol chal ra ..

Someone: Abe tere chacha Crompton me hai maine suna!! (Is your uncle in crompton??)

Other: Hoa hai to sahi par tere kuch kam nahi ayenge..(yeah! But it’s none of your business..)

This was all happening for some days but after all some chacha’s came forward to help…and we too got a company for internship!! Thanks to NIKHIL for this!! Our company was HAL!!! Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. When we told about our company eyes were popping up everywhere, till then we considered it as time pass.!!!! Only 4 were allowed there. Of course our beloved partner Amba dropped out of our 4 member club..And joined some trekking camp which he never went..(Tappi, wo bhi badi wali!) And then he was enjoying Mumbai akele akele!!

So we were going to be 4 guys Me, Nikhil, Mandar, Mayank; sorry the last one’s baba kapse. (No one knows him by the name of Mayank..!! sorry baba no offence). We were so thrilled that we are going to be in Nasik for next 15 days. Mandar managed us a full furnished duplex house! With bath tub! Awesome man!
There we were in the month of may, bags packed, we got our train on time, reached Nasik; and hell it was first shock to us….the company was not in Nasik it was near Nasik and 25 kilometers far! Ohh shit! The village named Ozar mig, there we were standing on the lonely bus stand filled with people yelling at each other, autowallas staring crowd like they will fill their auto with all of that, buses coming after every 45 mins. And there was our man standing for us…we thought a car will be escorting us to our destination but alasss….we were on foot for another 15 mins with our bags running on streets..At least what was left of it looked like street! Finally we reached and were happy to see the duplex! Fully furnished, 2 bedrooms on first floor, Big beds..With lots of cushions and a big bathroom with bath tub!!! Yeah man that was cool ….I know you are jealous!

We settled down on sofa on ground floor no one really wanted to take a bath until we knew about the bath tub! But the first thing I wanted to do is ..hmmmm you are right from the last night my stomach was not emptied so I first hunted for the western style! And wo man got it!! After that ….ahhhh …hmmmmm…..hhaaaaaaaa!!!! A mixed blend of feeling I was enjoying then…kind of relax, somewhat weak…and lots of happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now flushing time!! Just pressed the flush button and…nothing happened …OHHH SHIT..!!! No water …what no water jet !! OMG! OMG!!! What’s this!! Man I had to wait there till mandar passed me a bucket of water! On ground floor Baba was facing the same problem just a bit harder than me because of the Indian style proviso!! It was real hard for him to sit like that for a while so we passed him a Bislary bottle first!! He cleaned himself with super safe water and of course a trusted brand!! (Please don’t laugh! Ohh come on I know you are laughing there!)

Then we first called the caretaker he somehow managed to start the pumps and all the while baba was talking to him without understanding what he was replaying and we were laughing hard with their conversation going on! Then we all took a bath, and were ready to bout on food! We were searching for a good hotel! And there we were standing in front of a hotel and the name was….PAMPA!!

We ate, came home 2-3 days passed..We were using bath tub as a resting place for 2-3 hours each person in afternoon! Then one day we came home, tired ….the doors had auto latch feature! (a very bad feature!). We have stuffed our bags in one room where we used to slip…as we all were boys only..I had a peculiar habit, I got rid of my shirt n pants ..And were roaming here and there feeling relaxed! And just then the room got locked…all four of us outside it...and our cloths inside!! Damn god..What the hell!! What should we do now!! Gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all ran to other room and Mandar jumped into the gallery beside! Husshhh…we all were standing there shamelessly till we heard the laughing sound from the front ….I looked for …but no one appeared to be there…looked down and ohhh f#@*….it was a function in the front duplex….all guests were looking at us the whole time we were mingling there!! I ran in the room..And laughing sound was even greater!! Thank God Mandar is BARIK!! Somehow we opened the door in the gallery and got into the room! I got my cloths back!! And never isolated myself from my cloths again and divorced the habit of roaming around like that! Somehow we completed the internship, yet I haven’t told you the full story..I know, I know you want to hear it…let’s have an espresso first then we will continue!!


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