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Echoes of the past (part 4): The exams!

Here I am presenting you with my encounter with the soul sucking death eaters at my college. Called Invigilators!! Ohhh for those who don’t like the boy who - lived: Harry Potter, I am just talking about those invigilators. As every child on this mighty planet knows what the word exam means since nursery! So I too had it since I joined the school. Till 12th we were actually serious about the exams, and we have this exam fever and all going on…! Rushing for good pens and our beloved cardboards, getting up very early in the morning for revision (Glad I still remember this word!). Eating Dahi shakkar before leaving for exam and all those stupid things we did. Buttttttttt……………

It all changed as the time line crossed its furious limits on that day of June, and me n many others like me were admitted to G. H. Raisoni College Of Engineering!!!!!!! It was just few weeks we joined the college and a notice was displayed stating first sessonal exam dates. We started preparing ourselves for the battle…….and the battle started!! Enemies were so strong, some of them were enormous and some we haven’t seen in our life before like E.D. (Engineering drawing)!!! At the end the overall many soldiers like were wounded badly, I mean I failed in 2 out of 9 subjects!! OMG! Failed!!!!!!!!!!!!  A letter was sent to my parents, and they were shocked, stunned, their lad got failed, i.e. means seriously failed!!!! Ohh man that was a blunder! But our college arranged a camp for wounded soldieries: Remedial classes!! Our college proposed a new plan for failed students; they arranged extra classes for us after 5.30. Come on now who was gonna attend after 5.30 lectures….I mean who actually attended regular college till 5.30!

After this first sessonal, we were well acquainted with all showoffs and letters and all those meaning less things, but still attempted every sessonal paper! I think it was second year when I really messed up! 3rd sem, 1st sessonal , Fluid Power paper. 9.30 am, I started writing paper buttttt was very uneasy and unable to write ..because………………………………PET GADBAD!!!! My stomach started making different noises ohhh grrrrruuu nnnngg….ggggrtrtrtrtinngggg!! fellow sitting beside me saw mi with skeptic eyes in every 5 minutes. Grrrtrttrrriiinggg Ohhh yaaaar!! At last …

Me: sir may I go out!!

Sir: No!!

Me: sir emergency! :X ( and I showed him the victory sign!!! Though it was not at all about victory...)

Sir: Abhi ye time pe, kya yaar tum bhi…jao!!

Me: thank u sir…

I got up from my sit, walked up to my door with legs crossed! And then ran and rushed towards washroom…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: May I come in sir!

Sir: Yes

And then I solved further with fully satisfied look on my face!!
This was first blunder with exam, second big I remember from 4th semester, it was our sem exam going, we all were sitting and waiting for our invigilator to come in our room. And suddenly the door opened and all silence was merged in applauds, Our invigilator was Mr. N**&%E sir! As he entered the room we were so happy, that we can now cheat some more, but we didn’t know then that some more will be much much more!!!!!!!  He suddenly told us two questions from the ‘short notes’ section all were rushing to their VBDs again and then bell rang and paper started….We were writing our paper quietly and suddenly he said

Sir: jo karna hai karlo re…….abhi koi nahi hai..

All started asking each other, some teleported themselves to some answer guaranteed places…he was guarding on the door and someone came….OHhh my god!!
Again we started..

Me: be Nikhil abe ye answer batana…jaldi bata..( hey tell me this answer..Fast man…)

Nikhil to Nikhil Khaws: be laukar sang..!! (tell fast dude!!)

Someone to Anyone: iska answer bata na @%$&! (Tell me this answer…!!!)

This was going on and he again screwed me he announced my marks of earlier paper in front of everyone while the exam was going on!! I was dumbfounded, and everyone was laughing!!! This was second biggest blunder with exam!

Third was damn funny…this one is so idiotic filled with hunger as if they were on hunger strike before!!!  We three friends filled the CDS exam forms our Admit cards arrived, I hurled my admit card into huge hip of books on my table and forgot about anything called CDS!!!! Other two were like serious about the CDS stuff! So they started preparing well….and the day arrived finally. I wished Best luck to the two. And they went for the exam laughing!!!

The exam was of two parts, first paper 9.00 AM to 12.00PM and then a long lasting 2 hours gap and the next paper. Nikhil called me around 12.30PM, I asked him how his paper was and he again went on laughing…..!!! Then they planned to get some food before they are glued again! And where they decided to go!! You will not believe they decided BABBU’s hotel to go for! I mean how you can think of her legs in the middle of the exam, wait…I mean chicken’s leg you dirty mind! And there they were; sitting at table in BABBU’s,

Waiter: kya lau sahib?

Nikhil: hmmm tanduri… na make it one full Panjabi chicken!!!

Mandar: Hmm chicken biryani will do for me!

Waiter: sir starters me kya lau???????????????????

Nikhil & Mandar: Tangdi Kabab!!!

The waiter gave skeptic look, are these two really going to eat this much of Kombdis!!! And these two had a satisfied look on their faces as if they achieved something, for which they were craving for long time!! They were gossiping in mean time, laughing loudly, catching every table’s attention!! People were getting their eye balls out listening to their “Gappas” (Of-course they were filled with lot of maal girls). In 10 minutes starters came, all of sudden it was dead silence between two, and  only sound remained was of eating!!! After this a relaxed look!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..mahol tha be..!! In next 10 minutes main course came, we call it “ghamelas” of chicken, the pots are so large that they can fit Paneer butter masala for 10 people!!! That was ordered for only two~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They finished it in next 15 min. with butter naan accompanying Punjabi chicken! And just then clock ticked!!!! It was 1.45 pm!!! They again gave a satisfied look to each other watched all the Haddies in the dish, and again satisfied!! “Haaaa waaahhhhh kya khana hua beeeeeeeeeee..maholllll!!!” ,Nikhil said! Mandar quoted, “Aur ek baar ana padta yanha!!!” and the two left.

They were standing again in front of their exam center gate. None of them had now courage to grab a pen and answer tricky questions. They were still in love with those Punjabi legss!!!!! Exam started, paper was handed over, mandar despite of being in love managed to tick fair no. of answers! Nikhil, Nikhil… nikhilllllllll, abe uthna sale….( wake up man!!) Nikhil was in dream land after every five minutes and didn’t even had chance to see what he has ticked!!!!!!!!!!! 

Exam over , alarm sounded, both came home! First place they visited after coming home….ohh come on u all know that…..they did AAANNNGGGGGGAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! All the curries, pieces they made out of pieces, legs…all were going deep down and supplied to NMC’s waste drainage system!!!!!! Once again….haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what a lovely feeliinnnggggg and a outstanding smile was the only outcome their face muscles can manage (because all other muscles were so tired!!)!!!!
But still mandar came out with flying colors, Nikhil didn’t manage to score well but it was ok for him! And after that we all went to BBQ again, what for?? Of course PARTTYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And u knows what happened after that!!!...AANGAAR)))


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