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I have seen a miracle!

Oxford dictionary states the miracle as: an extraordinary event attributed to some supernatural agency.

We human beings have a peculiar habit of adaptability. Whatever we feel, see, touch in our regular life is taken to be granted.  Our belief on science made this easy to understand and take these things as granted. I mean tell me one person who before going to bed thinks that what will happen if sun will not be rising from tomorrow! Who thinks why we feel the heat! Who thinks why we fall in love??

If we look around us, you will find many miracles happening. Sun rises in the same direction we have known and sets like everyday it does, just as we want it to. Water always flow from higher to lower side. We haven’t seen the cold yet but we do feel it in winter. You will need more than billion lives to understand these games of nature. But one thing I am very sure about is, everyone on this land do feel love in his life. Maybe it’ll be for your parents, for your friends, for your pet, for what you like to do, may be for yourself. And may be for the one you consider special.

I know everyone has his/her special one, every night I see the moon full of light, he teaches me a different fact of life. He shines bright every night in that sky but the light is not his own! He has his fellow travelers of universe, but that too far from him that he appears to be alone in that eternal, perpetual, incessant sky. Then you think of yourself, how you are alone in all this family of yours, your mom is there, your dad with you too, even your brothers and sisters. But still how you become the far left alone moon in between them! Only light from that special one can brighten you up! That’s the miracle I am talking about!

Why I can say this? Because I have experienced it, I have seen this miracle happen! I too have my special one, just like everyone out there. You only have to believe that she is really special, when you’ll believe you will have that shining smile on your face, that’ll make you brighter. She makes my day. When I pray to god I pray for her too just as the moon does, he doesn’t only pray for himself but for the sun too. Without him he is nothing, without her I am nothing. Your heart has no meaning without blood; your car has no meaning without wheels! See you are now starting to believe on miracles. Isn’t it one!

Why you stare at all those red roses who keep their red color a surreptitious affair, why only she reminds me of those flowers, why only she has that striking boltlike charm that works for me! And I come to a rational insubstantial yet veritable, unfeigned end that weather people believe it or not. I have seen her, I love her, I have seen charms working on me and that’s why I say:



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