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First Rencontre with her!

I don’t clearly remember in which grade I was then, but may be 8th or 9th I guess. I belong to Umrer, a town 50kilometers from our own city of oranges. What can you expect from me then, to have a girlfriend! Or to be smart enough to impress girls; I was totally unknown to all these facts till I met her.  But I am charismatic since childhood; I am a good speaker able to drown you in my wordy ocean. I was a famous guy in my school back then, Girls wanted to talk to me as I was one of the clever students scoring 90s in every exam.  But I still didn't find any allurement in the creatures called girls (back then!).

My grandma lives in Nagpur. So in every summer we used to come here (as now I live in Nagpur itself). For me and my little sister reaching Nagpur meant reaching her home. My uncle too lived here with my grandma. He has a son and a daughter. My cousin sister and me, used to share boys and girls kind of stuff being of same age. So my knowledge about relationships would be up to date while returning home!

Though my cousin sister was from Mount Carmel Girls High School, I never asked her about her friends (now I regret my decisions!). And back there in town, though every girl was dying to talk to us (A group of 5 toppers every year) I really was not interested. The only thing that fascinates me from the bottom was, is and will be cars! Girls are no way even comparable to them. But let me tell you some points we can really mark……

1. They are fast, girls nowhere near the word.

2. They are comfortable, damn girls are not.

3. Even they have same look and color for years, we don’t get bothered!

4. Best of all, they can be parked anywhere and we have key to start/stop them.

This was me until I met her. It was summer holidays. Dad had bought a newly launched Bajaj Chetak (scooter). It was an awesome experience to ride on it with dad. And we came to Nagpur to double it. I didn’t join any hobby classes then, so I was free, but my c. sister had! She along with her friend had joined craft classes. She used to go to that at 7 o’clock in the morning. I never saw her friend till that day. She lives just near our building a lane in front of ours.

As always my c. sister was waiting for her friend at gate, I was still sleeping. Just 10 minutes had passed and I heard loud noise, I couldn’t help myself to open up completely but managed to see through sleepy eyes, sneaking my head from my rajai (blanket)….and ….ohhh my god….She fell down, she fell down from her cycle no not my sister, her friend, my god she hurt her knee. Suddenly who energized me I don’t know, I threw my rajai and ran to help her. My sister managed to hold her, thank god she was all ok, only minor injury to her knee.

As a machine freak I was least bothered about her after it was all ok, but was wondering what happened there to cause this accident, I reviewed her bicycle for one more time, and Eureka!! I found the problem. Problem was front brake. It was completely damaged; the nut that binds the two arms of brake with the turning shaft was broken. So suddenly it broke and arms got loose and one of them got struck in front wheel giving a jolt to her motion. Making her loose her balance and hurt her knee. I was still looking at that long broken nut; suddenly a voice at my back caught my attention…..

She: hello (Damn that smile was the best till date. I still haven’t met a girl with smile as lovely as hers)

Me: Ohh hey, how r u?? , I was just analyzing what caused you to fell…see this (handling over that nut and 
fixing the two arms back in there position…)

She: ohh wow, you have figured it out!! So clever of you!

Me: ohh no no…I actually knew ….hmm It was common sense …no no I actually found it .hmm ..ohh…( man for the first time in my life I fumbled while answering a girl…It felt something different…)

She: Thank you! Is it ready for ride then!

Me: (getting my mind right  ...) ohh no no, we would need to fix it properly, probably with a new one, U don’t bother I’ll do it for you…(what! What I just said! I didn’t want to do that…I didn’t even knew where the mechanics shop was..??????)

She: No, its ok I’ll fix it up while coming home. Let’s go Manu we are getting late!! (She said to my sister, who was standing flabbergasted listening to our conversation besides us and looking at me with moonstruck expressions)

My sister: (to me) I’ll meet you in an hour …bye!! (And both the girls started giggling)

Me: (looking at Samiksha (name changed) with a very big smile on my face) Bye Bye!!

That was my very first meeting with her, I didn’t know then that I will fall in love with her, but as we grew up we become good friends. We used to meet in summer holidays frequently; I was now acquainted with other boys and girls in colony too! So I am now part of our colony, and about our relationship…. I still love her, its strange now days, there are many twists and turns in it, will tell you when in mood….!!!


  1. Quite an interesting love story you have :D and the line "a car can be parked anywhere and has key to start/stop" simply awesome B-)

    Stay Blessed


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