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And I got addicted to Newspaper!!!!

“Eeeee!! What’s this??? Scrap of papers….and we buy it for Rs. 3/per day!!!” that was the first reaction when I was really, completely exposed to newspaper read-iations!  Till then it was just raw material for my aircraft industry! My dad reads a lot since his childhood, so he wanted the same habit in me too! But u know these god damn computers, I actually had habit to read cartoon magazines as a child till 12. And till I turned 14 I was racing with Nissan 350z in NEED FOR SPEED UNDERGROUND 2!!! He was so disappointed with computer because it had abilities to run a game!!

Ohh we are talking about news papers, I really forgot! I never liked LOKSATTA (Satta was never good in India!!). I also did not remember when I read my last The Hitwada (my maasi used to call it DAHIT WADA). Till date ‘Times of India’ is available in Umrer after 12noon!! Other news papers were just fictions for me. This was the scenario till I turned 16!!!! Then I came to Nagpur, listened to linkin park’s NUMB!! (First English song I ever listened, after that I became fan of linkin park!). Read ‘Nagpur times’ for the first time, and wow it’s really nice (the pictures I mean). This section covered all the news from Britney spears going bald to recently Priti Zangiani spotted without her undergarments!!!!!!!! (Is that news to cover n print with a photograph!!!). 

After becoming a regular reader of Nagpur times in my school, I decided to subscribe for it daily. So now I got it in my hands in wee small hours of morning! (I mean the paper!!) I never bothered to read the main news paper then. But you know eventually I started flipping some pages of that too! When dad after a month came to see me, he was scared, petrified, bewildered, baffled and perplexed to watch me reading ‘Times of India’ (not Nagpur times husssshh!!!). He asked me what on earth I was reading; I handled it over, ‘Garfield’!! He was suddenly backed to his normal expressions that his son is not changed a little bit.

But you know we are human beings. We like to compete, so after I joined college I came to know the competition in this world to know everything. And this everything mainly included cricket (which never interested me, I still don’t know all the team members in Indian cricket team!) and some other news like who is who of what! Now what the hell that changes for me..I mean even our president of India is changed, I am gonna drink the same water tomorrow. Even my style of pissing will remain the same! This was me till first year, in my second year I joined twitter, and was having nothing to tweet about other than what I am doing, so I started reading some news and making fun of our politicians, it interested me a lot! And this how folks a normal good healthy ( a bit extra than healthy) kid got stuffed with news, news and news…….( still cricket was not my area, I think it never will be!)

  Now it’s all really changed, I don’t mean a normal healthy kid, but his habits! I do not believe that I start my day with news paper! After waking up from this goddamn sleep!!( oh man I love to sleep all day!) my hand just searches news paper lying on the floor and my taste got changed that’s noticeable I mean I don’t even take TIMES OF INDIA now!!.... I read INDIAN EXPRESS 

Why??? surly can say for it’s contents but there’s another reason to this…it’s photos!! This paper has an awesome print and pics given may be they are worth seeing in alone or in public! They are awesome! (I mean no nudity here like NAGPUR TIMES, They are really decent!) Man I learned some fundas of photography from that! You know why I write, so I can keep my urge to read news paper unsatisfied and should find topics to write on! That’s the whole reason to my reading, besides it really helps you increase your ‘GK’. I don’t even brush before reading it yaaar! And I need a news paper while ……ohh come on you know what I want to say! And height of this, I get furious and frantic if anyone touches my news paper and even vehement sometimes if its crispiness is hampered. I treat it like violation of my property or something! I carry my newspaper 24*7 now a days! Just can’t read it while sleeping!! I even scold the paper boy if he is 5 min late than usual. And many times to his boss that he gives me a bad corrugated paper!

I think now you have got the whole idea of my life with newspapers, and some of you might have found their reasons to start reading a NEWS PAPER! So happy reading friends!!!!!!!!!


  1. Haha, I totally agree with you :D. And it's true, newspapers do change us a bit :)

  2. @The guy in the mirror: yup dude! i am changed a bit lot!! :)

  3. I just got another reason to start reading newspapers!!!!!:)


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