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Echoes of the Past!! (Part 2)...

Last time when we met, we were in mechanics lecture; let’s forward our story some months. College has reopened; everyone has been looted again by 60,000 for bunking classes, for those hopeless sessionals which are just for show and for those weary lectures. But this time we had new item numbers in store for us.

As usual we mech-animals had 6 subjects and every other branch had 5, so we have rivalry with them, and how to show that, go to every other branch’s forum and dance like monkeys at the back! We people were famous for this act, even our seniors paid fine for breaking valuables of our nugget like auditorium. Now almost a year n half has passed but it seems like they just happened yesterday!

One thing I strongly feel to mention is, as we all grew shrewd and sagacious as time passed our professor’s were embellished with moronic and feebleminded features. One milestone I remember from the 2nd year is hilarious, our fluid power class was roll calling , I was sitting on 2nd or 3rd bench probably, a guy who didn’t attended the lecture was standing outside the classroom

SIR: answer your presnty…1, 2, 3………

1: yes sir

2: preeeeseeent siiiiirrrrr!

3: yesir……..( itne jaldi me bolta tha ki sirf “aes” itnahi sunai deta tha..ha ha ha)


69… he sneaked from the door and said “yes sir” and that dumb without even lifting his head up marked him as present. And we were like “then why the hell we were sitting, getting our balls fried!!”  But you know every cloud has a silver lining, so we united the whole class and to fight fire with fire, bunked his lectures next day!

But every dog has his day, so that dumb put us in pre-detention list and we were forced to attend his lectures. As no man can serve two masters, and (we are masters of ourselves) so we found new ways to irritate him, we started going late to the lectures, after every lecture we took a long pee break for at least 10 to 15 minutes! In mean while we used to sit in enclosed walled structure we call it “SMOKING ZONE” (no one really smokes there, but it looks like one). And when entering into classroom only one will say “may I come in sir” and group of 20 -30 students will follow him!! That was such a mess..

One day the same scene was there just a bit different happened, we didn’t say “ may I come in” instead Ambarish yelled loudly “ SANNAATAAAAA” , and everyone of us entering, fumbled. We just ran to our places so that he isn’t able to see us, but in between kotapaali fell down, anurag fell on him. Some boys got hurt with table corners in most unexpected places!!! and expressions of professor was just unforgettable, he was stunned, frightened, dumbfound, confounded, stupefied by our act man that was most unforgettable moment in my life….The best word to describe the act  “chengra-chengri” Ha ha ha !!

OK then now it’s bunking time, meet you in the next year part till then….SANNAAATTTAAAAA….!!!!


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