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Echoes of the Past!! (Part 1)

I still remember those gruesome hours when I waited for my SEEE, AIEEE, IIT results. Actually i knew my results would be ludicrous, so I didn't bothered about that, but my parents were so anxious to here it and their disappointment made some tears come out of eyes too! But that was for only a day! 

And there I was standing flabbergasted in front of gates of great G.H.R.C.E. A city college satisfying only half meaning of the word CAMPUS (It has no grounds! but only a building!!). I was oblivious about the fellow passengers who would be learning mechanical, electronics and etc kind of magic in this Hogwarts of Nagpur. With this new uniform I have been acquainted to some new fundas of college, first was PP - petrol partner. My dear aunt made arrangements for my pp. Nikhil Ayade. My first friend + PP in Hogwarts. In my first year I never really bothered about rules of PP relationship and he had to suffer for that. But soon everything changed as it was difficult to cope up with my first year friends as it needed 500/- rupee note and an answer to questions like “how’s life going?” every time we were together. 

Soon second year came and I was accepted in a most active, innovative and reputed branch of our college... Mechanical. I am proud to be a student of mechanical GHRCE not because it’ll give me job, but it gave me my gang with which I rule the world. Up till now I had only one good friend my PP, while attending lectures a peccant feeling grabbed him to sit on front benches. So when we used to enter the class room he walked straight with his chest elevated in air to the last bench of row in our class. 

I was unaware of the salient features of teachers so I used to sit on front benches. But soon I realized my inability to understand the specially coded English language of our so called professors! Because when during exams they wanted to say “who have completed their answer sheets they can go.” there code was “who is to be the finish, is to be the go!!!!!” now how one can understand the phrase “is to be the”, How can you control your laugh when your professor pronounces Thermal as “Thalmal” and writes the same spelling on blackboard!! What should I offer my Professor when he asks me for “red pen of any color??” How can u remain focused to the hopeless bhajans of professors, when his shirting’s coming out showing brand of his undergarments!!! How can u concentrate on your social science studies when your professor’s size of female elephant!! No offence to my dear professors who really flourished us to shape our future!

I still remember a hilarious experience, it was our first year practical exams going on, I was having my Engineering drawing practical exam, we were supposed to make sheets of various drawings and get it checked from respective professors. When I handed my portfolio of sheets to my external, he just smiled and said “why there are so many red marks on your sheets!!” And I replied with sigh “sir, these are not red marks these are my professors signature!!!” and he laughed loudly goggling at Me.!!

We had a professor who explained the same diagram for a whole semester. And before our exams we came to know that he left! So the whole he taught was Iron-Carbide diagram. When we were solving that subjects question paper we found that diagram for only 8 marks in the whole paper of 80!! Our engineering mechanics professor was inimitable. When a class beside us used to laugh loudly… he used to say “ paglache lakshan ahet!!” (Meaning they are just lunatic and moonstruck). He only laughed for once n all in whole year when one was asked for answer and he answered incorrect! These things were echoing in my ears for the past 3 years, now they’ll echo in yours!! And you’ll hear “If you is to be the like this, you will read to be the like next part!!” (I mean if you liked the first part, you may like to read the next one!!)


  1. I like u college experience very much.. The way u illustrated is awesome.

  2. nice!!! :D

    college days are after all college days ;)

  3. @abir ghosh n headless knights: thank you buddies!! college life's jus damn college life!!


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