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Horizon at its end!!!!

Horizon, the line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meet

But still we think that there’s an end to it!! Some voyages are endless! We want some to be endless. But an impossible thing can never happen and things we believe impossible but happen are the only one’s possible at ends! Does our surrounding really have ends! Or we have ends! Is end a reality. I found some words, they signify end:  finish, terminate, conclude, close, complete, stop, cease, and expire. A thin yet enormous difference lies between these synonyms and the real word ‘end’. All these words are just mere names given to our daily life activities! Can you say earth will finish or terminate or expire! They all are just materialistic. You can only finish your work, or close your closet, or stop your movement.

Can you cease, terminate, or conclude your soul. This materialistic world has many types of stops, many types of terminations, and an end too! But think of what we say when we talk about our universe’s end, do we say it’s finishless?, it’s complete? Or it has no expiry? no!! We can only say that it is endless! Today the one thing we care about most is money; a materialistic approach to head materialistic life. We don’t even think about our perishing souls!

Everybody on this planet consists of five basic ingredients earth, water, fire, air and ether in different proportions. They get merged after a period within themselves! But your soul lives on. We often say that ‘a start has an end!’ so an end has a start too!! The earth too is made up of these PANCHAMAHABHUTAS; it will merge sooner or later. Where they came from?

We think with our brain; but what made us think. Which is that hidden energy that runs you? Who tells trees to grow? Who gave water a quality to flow? Who gave fire a limitless energy to burn? Who gave land to hold weights u can’t even imagine? Who created air? Who is making our universe expand? Why we don’t know the limits of it? Why BIG BANG happened? Who energies the sun? Do we science freaks know answer to these questions? We are only discovering on our little planet and yet we haven’t travelled to center of the earth!

We say we have invented radios or mobiles but if there had been no air which is capable of carrying our signals what would have we done? Everything we have is just a discovery. We are not yet capable to produce a computer like our brain? Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity but who created it? Our brain’s a best example, we can think whatever we want; we imagine and it creates a perfect image in front of our closed eyes, we can have many ideas, every other brain thinks differently! If we had an explanation to it then we have had an equation for every thinking process! Science can only answer how is this so? But why is it happening no one knows. Why men and women get attracted to each other? Who mutated the gene to break this equation in today’s world?

Unending list of questions remains unanswered. This all has only one answer that he is present; he is real! Wanna know how??? Let me explain it in our scientific way…….
I think in mostly 10th STD a law is studied; ‘Law of Conservation Of Energy’

The law states that:

‘Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can be only converted from one form to another. Total amount of energy in the universe remains constant’

Think of for a second the source of this energy. From where it comes and where does it go!! That’s him. The almighty! He has no beginning then how can he have an end????? We can only feel his presence as we can only see the horizon but not its end!! That’s why I call this………..

‘Horizon at its end!!!’


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